How to play mid dota 2, and the main goals of midlane players.

Mid-laner or 2-nd position is one of the most popular and impactful game roles in Dota 2. Players usually stay one versus one on this lane, so they get the most experienceon the whole map. First, you need to understand how to choose the right hero for this lane. If an enemy team has already picked a hero for mid, try to counter-pick him. Some examples of midlane heroes counter picks:

Zeus(counter pick) > Pugna (enemy pick)

Queen of Pain > Sniper

Huskar > Skywrath Mage

Razor > Shadow Fiend

The aim of the mid-hero is to earn his core items and level as quickly as possible and prevent the enemy’s mid-laner actions. To achieve this, you need to learn to last hit. To get gold and experience, you need to make the very last hit when enemy creep is low hp. In another way, you will earn experience only. If your hero has a fragging possibility, you could help your teammates on the other lanes to get the advantage and slow down an enemy team’s economic growth. Try to kill enemy core heroes to reduce the opponent’s late-game winning chances. 

How to play mid lane dota 2 without losing

Everyone has bad games and losing streaks. The reasons could be different. It’s one thing to lose a game in a fight where the opponent was a little more fortunate. Several such losses and the player gets into a bad mood (tilted). Here is advice, take a break for some time, and you will see that your performance will be better than right after losing. You need to understand your hero game plan during different game periods, but that will come to you only after 50+ games (played on the same hero). Don’t be afraid to test different item builds and adapt them according to in-game situations. Watch your own matches, try to analyze decisions, and maybe you could find some mistakes to improve your performance. 

Suggestions and tips in dota 2 how to play mid:


That will help you in the last hitting because if enemy creeps stay on your high ground, an enemy hero has a 25% chance to miss a hit from the lower ground (impact only for ranged heroes).


Runes are a powerful temporary boost, especially for mid-laners. Controle them, and it would be easier to dominate mid-lane or change the situation in your favor.

Bottle abuse

Put your bottle into a friendly hero inventory to replenish the number of charges in it.

Creep aggro

Aggro enemy creeps on your ranged creep to deny him. Click the attack button on enemy heroes near enemy creeps to aggr them At the same time, try to finish off the ranged creep with a spell. Ranged creep is the most valuable, it gives more gold and experience.

How to play mid dota 

This article was written to help you find the answer to the frequently googled question “how to play mid dota 2”. All tips and features mentioned above would help you in your future games, but it doesn’t guarantee a win. Remember, dota is a team game – you can’t win it on your own. 

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