How to play carry dota 2? Basic rules and objections

The main mission of a core hero is to farm needed core items and destroy the enemy ancient. To achieve this you should earn as much gold as possible by killing lane and neutral creeps, heroes, and towers. You should understand the in-game situation and make the most profitable decisions, for example, moving from jungle to side lane to farm more creeps.

Carry usually play on the easy lane (bottom for radiant and top for dire) supported by one or 2 ally heroes. He reveals his full potential in the final stage of the match. Carry hero usually is picked on the 4-th or last pick. 

For a better understanding, here are the characters that are suitable for the position:

Alchemist, Meduza, Lifestealler, Spectre, Natures Prophet, Juggernaut, Sven, etc. 

How to play carry in dota 2 and avoid loses

The main question for this article is “how to play carry in dota 2 and win?” and our experts answer:

The carry is called the carry because this player is expected to bring his team to victory. This means you put the team on your back and carry them until you win. Of course, every role is equally important, but a special emphasis is placed on the 1. 

You also must set the priority of purchasing items in the most effective order. Items that increase your farming speed buy at the start and for damage and survival a bit later. Change your item build to counter enemy heroes’ abilities and items they have already bought. 

To increase your win percentage, pick a hero which you like to play, and on which you show the best results. 

Dota 2 how to play carry? Important points

Don’t know how to play carry dota 2? Here are some helpful tips you must pay attention to:

Last hit score

Your creep stat must be one of the highest in the match. Learn how to last hit under tower defense. Predict when an enemy will try to deny your creep and hit it faster.

Map monitoring

During the farm usually, you have some free time, so use it to watch on the map, and if there are no enemies maybe they are hunting for you.

Don’t initiate team fights

It is extremely dangerous because enemy heroes will immediately react and try to save their mate and kill you. Wait till they use their most dangerous spells, and then jump in.

Stop AFK farming

Obviously, you need items and be full-packed to destroy your enemies but do not forget about your team. Remember, the team helps you at the beginning – you help them later.

Play carry in dota 2 without negative

Hope this article answered the question “dota 2 how to play carry”. Nobody can win every single game. Are you playing as a core but stupid teammates on support roles ruin your game? Try to play support. Maybe that would increase your chances to win. And if you can’t win playing supports try yourself as carry. Do not be afraid to take responsibility for yourself, take the initiative in your hand, and show your best. But you must understand that Dota 2 is a team game, and coordinated team play is the easiest way to victory.

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